An Open View on Network Infrastructure Agility

January 24, 2017


After a recent and might I add very productive meeting with the executives over at Vyatta it became very apparent as to why we partnered with this technology in the first place. In this blog entry I will discuss On-demand Networking, the Vyatta technology, and the benefits of the implementing Vyatta.

Whether you have begun to dabble into Virtualization or you have been virtualized since the announcement of VMware you might want to listen up; this could become of great interest to you as you continue to virtualize your infrastructure. Vyatta means “open” and they rethought open network standards by delivering a software-only solution to open the layer 3+ networking stack to be available as an application for physical, virtual and cloud architectures. Introducing, Vyatta On-Demand Networking.

First let’s talk about what On-Demand Networking means and how it could help your organization create an agile network that can maintain and withstand the network demands of a cloud or virtual environment. On-demand networking is the instant delivery of software based IP Networking on any platform within any architecture. On-demand Networks offer organizations who leverage virtualization and cloud environments a unique option of a complete enterprise-class routing and security feature set that can be provisioned, licensed, billed and scaled on-demand, truly presenting the network as an application.

Some of the key benefits of using on-demand networking are: 1) platform agnostic flexibility, 2) removes the limitations of box-bound network devices giving users a truly scalable network, 3) simple migrations from physical networks to virtual environments, 4) template-based deployment of custom network configurations, 5) integration with 3rd party management, 6) and a utility licensing option.

As your trusted adviser and a value added reseller it is our job to make sure we offer our customers the best of breed technologies for each aspect of their IT environment. It is with great confidence that we can recommend and introduce Vyatta to our current client base for IP based networking. Vyatta has a proven track record of connecting and protecting companies from the SMB markets to Fortune 500 environments.
Sublime Solution isn’t the only one recommending Vyatta we have seen industry leaders chiming in on the hype. Tech Republic was quoted saying “..Anything you want to do with a standard Cisco router, you can do with Vyatta for the most part, and you don’t have to worry about the various Cisco IOS licenses.” Good news for Vyatta, bad news for Cisco!

So to make a long story short, if you haven’t started thinking about an on-demand network, you may want to. Vyatta can help you cut infrastructure and networking costs by eliminating the need for more hardware, give you flexibility and agility in your virtual workspace all while giving you the confidence of complete security. Vyatta has a promising piece of technology, with a proven track record that is worth a look, and they offer a free 30 day trial You can also get in touch with one of our consultants to answer any questions regarding your specific network initiatives.

Check our events page often, as we will be adding a Virtual Academy – Vyatta class in the near future to our schedule.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and please tweet me at @SublimeGRL with any feedback or to get the latest virtualization industry news. Follow @Vyatta to learn more about On-Demand Networking and updates on products news.

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