We understand in today’s economy, both small and large companies are facing the same challenges and risks. Businesses’ internal resources are being kept at a minimum, while their goals and revenue targets continue to rise in order to comply with the high demands of today’s current environments. Sublime strives to approach our customers differently than the current method of “pushing software” adopted by the traditional VAR. We take the time and dedicate resources to understanding our customer’s long term goals and technology needs. By doing so, we can accurately align your business with technology that will continue to help your company reach its milestones.

Sublime Solution represents envelope-pushing technology from the best of breed partners such as Vmware, Microsoft, EMC, Cisco, Citrix and beyond. Our sales consultants and engineers are focused on training and education so we can pass our knowledge of the industry to our customers allowing them to thrive. With over 50 years of experience in designing complex solutions; Sublime will address challenges and provide our customers with the expertise they need to run a successful IT environment.