Going Above and Beyond for Your Customers- That’s The Sublime Style

January 24, 2017


Working late as usual and answering some late night questions and inquiries from a customer really does go a long way. Got this in my inbox today, and it feels great to know that our customers are so happy with our dedication and hard-work:


“Please feel free to forward this to anyone.

On behalf of K3MS, I would like to thank you once again for the outstanding service and attentiveness that you provide K3MS Inc. As we grow, Sublime continues to be our go-to vendor for Acronis, AVG and ESET licenses. Your efficiency and response time helps us meet the needs of our customers, which in turn helps us grow. As the Technical Operations Director for K3MS Inc. I know how difficult it can be to keep that many balls in the air, and I personally commend you for it. I greatly look forward to future business with Sublime Solution.”

– Nathaniel
K3MS, Inc.- Technical Operations Director