Complete UpTime and Availability for Your VMware of Microsoft Virtual Infrastructures?

Sublime Solution recently partnered with Stratus Technology to offer our customers a solution with complete up-time assurance for their VMware or Microsoft virtual infrastructures. With the recent release of the ftServer 2600 ROBO package we feel confident recommending Stratus Technologies and their UPTime Assurance Solutions to our customers in search of complete availability.

According to industry buzz, the ftServer 2600 ROBO package brings the industry’s best availability to both VMware vSpere 4 and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization software with NO SAN requirements. Customers of the ftServer are impressed with the solution because it is completely redundant, with lights-out remote 24/7 operation and management making this solution well equipped to prevent downtown and data loss.

Why do we love the ftServer 2600 ROBO Package?

1. East to Install and manage as a single commodity x86 server

2. 50% cost savings from a traditional quad-core HP system

3. Drop in Fault tolerance for VMware Environments

4. Automatic uptime exceeds “five-nines”

5. SMP Architecture that delivers up to 4 Cores processing power for a single workload

6. Ability to customize and configure with additional hardware and a choice of Hyper- V of Vmware Essentials

Watch a Video Here

If you have questions or would like see a live demo of the solution please contact one of our consultants.