Why VI

Virtualization is the act of creating and presenting logical groupings of physical computing resources to end-users. It provides self-contained, encapsulated units that run their own operating system and application workloads. One of the more compelling reasons for virtualization is consolidation, the process of migrating your physical environment to a virtual infrastructure, (P2V), allowing datacenters to leverage shared resources, lower TCO, and increase ROI.

Once a virtual infrastructure is implemented, customers quickly identify several other key benefits such as improved service levels and greater resource availability. A classic example of this is how virtualization encapsulation captures all system configuration and state data into a single VM file which can be backed up and restored quickly in the event of a disaster.

Additional features such as high availability (HA), distributed resource scheduling (DRS), and live migration, (vMotion/Storage vMotion) help manage unplanned outages and planned downtime for scheduled maintenance and upgrades. Workloads can be dynamically shifted and rebalanced across hosts to respond dynamically to demand and resource changes to achieve optimum efficiency.

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